Customized services to meet your institution's unique needs.

NASPA stresses only the highest and consistent quality in process and outcomes for each service offering. All services are focused on strengthening your student affairs or services division, and are not considered a ranking, rating, scoring, or form of accreditation.

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PRACTICES Self-assessment

The PRACTICES self-assessment consists of nine areas, which NASPA refers to as elements. These elements are policy, resources, academics, compliance, technology, inclusion, community, evidence, and students. The self-assessment focuses separately on each individual element. NASPA staff will review the PRACTICES framework in greater detail during Orientation, create a customized web portal, and with the guidance of your division, assign student affairs staff to specific modules. Institutions will receive PRACTICES reports for each module completed that provide aggregated self-assessment data in an easy to read format and an at-a-glance dashboard that highlights potential areas of strength and further review. Participant institutions will also get access to two webinars from the PRACTICES Professional Development Series. This service is offered as part of a spring, summer or fall cycle, and pricing starts at $795 for NASPA member institutions.

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A landmark program offered through a partnership between NASPA and the VTV Family Outreach Foundation that empowers college and university campus communities to make more informed decisions about campus safety. Developed by a team of leading experts, 32 NCSI is a robust self-assessment tool that colleges and universities can use to conduct an objective analysis of a full range of institutional safety and security facilities, policies, and procedures. Once the self-assessment is complete, NASPA Advisory Services compiles your results and prepares comprehensive reports that highlight areas of strength and areas for further review based on your aggregated self-assessment responses.

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PRACTICES PLUS and self-assessment advisory support

This service incorporates both the PRACTICES self-assessment and an external, remote advisor to analyze a division's self-assesssment results. NASPA Advisory Services will work with each institution to determine the areas of emphasis to explore. This will include determining the areas for further discussion and scheduling three video conferences with the participating institution’s student affairs leader or leadership team. The NASPA Advisory Services advisor and staff will facilitate each video conference discussion to explore a specific, predetermined area of emphasis. Upon the conclusion of the video conference discussions, NASPA Advisory Services will provide a brief summary report with recommendations and areas for future consideration. The price of this service is $3,500 for NASPA member institutions and $4,000 for NASPA non-member institutions.

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Comprehensive Reviews

NASPA Advisory Services provides full division-level external review services, including remote reviews, that can include the self-assessment process. We also conduct cluster-level (e.g., multiple units that have the same reporting line, such as a higher-level review of all the units under the purview of a dean/AVP for student engagement). We work with the institution to determine the scope of the project and primary goals and develop a proposal to fit those needs. The review includes a document and data review. Whether in-person or remote, we work with the division to determine an appropriate interview schedule that includes division staff, students, and key partners outside the division (faculty, alumni, etc.). The entirety of this process is guided by NASPA and led by the support of our fantastic senior-level reviewers. NASPA Advisory Services considers it essential that we match reviewers with the institutions we are reviewing, and we work with you to determine what criteria (i.e., experience at a four-year, public, urban institution) is most important in the identification of potential reviewers. For a standard division-level review, the final review team is composed of two senior-level student affairs officers from the reviewer pool and one NASPA professional staff member. The outcome of a division-level review is a comprehensive report of findings, analysis, and recommendations (as well as the PRACTICES self-assessment reports, if applicable). Pricing is project-dependent with key factors being final scope, inclusion of the self-assessment (PRACTICES), and modality (on-site versus remote). The duration of a project from contract to deliverable is typically between four and five months depending on the final scope, timing of project, and availability of reviewers.

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